Our laboratory

Located in Paris, Cytolnat laboratories were created in 2002 by industrial pharmacists and galenists, with the aim of offering dermo-cosmetic, hygiene and hair products which are active at the cellular level, formulated with natural active ingredients.

Cytology (from the Greek kutos, meaning cell, and logos, meaning speech) is the study of all aspects of living cells.
The etymology of Cytolnat, “NATURAL CYTOLogy” confirms the fundamentals of our company:

Offer products active at the cellular level, formulated with active ingredients of natural origin.

To respect this philosophy, Cytolnat laboratories pay particular attention to the choice of active ingredients and excipients used in the formulation of products.
As much as possible, laboratories choose the use of ingredients of natural origin. As for the formulation excipients, synthetic ingredients are used as long as the natural equivalent does not exist or is not satisfactory for the formulation.
The ingredients used by Cytolnat are rigorously selected in order to give the products an optimal safety of use. For this purpose, all Cytolnat products are tested in laboratories to ensure their perfect safety.

Cytolnat products are not tested on animals.

All Cytolnat products are designed, developed and manufactured in France.
The manufacturing units of Cytolnat laboratories are compliant with the European standards in force and the most demanding production standards.