Formulation Charter

Cytolnat, “natural cytology”

  1. Selection of formulation ingredients with the best ratio efficiency / safety of use for the consumer
  2. Continuously updated formulas based on the latest scientific and regulatory knowledge
  3. Selection of ingredients with efficacy at concentrations allowing a safe use on sensitive skin.
  4. Using active ingredients of natural origin
  5. Selection of synthetic excipients for our formulations only if there is no natural equivalent that can provide equivalent safety for use
  6. Formulas preservative ingredients used at the lowest effective concentrations
  7. Formulation and manufacture of products exclusively in France, at two sites in Essonne and Mayenne
  8. Some of our new formulas developement carried out in partenership with the unversity community
  9. Application of a precautionary principle that impels us to exclude certain ingredients or families of ingredients from our formulations, which despite being authorized by the European regulation are controversial or are subject to investigation by of European experts and whose conclusions are not yet known. This policy has led us to prohibit in our formula the ingredients found in the downloadable list here (non-exhaustive and regularly updated