Our commitments

Employability of future professionals in the sector :

Since the arrival in 2014 of our current President Nicolas Teissier, Cytolnat Laboratories are in partnership with the Faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier. Indeed, the students of the Master of Cosmetology have the chance to participate in a unique and very formative project: to create from A to Z products that could, in the future, complement the current range of our brand. Thus, they have the opportunity to increase their global knowledge about cosmetics: regulations, formulation, marketing.

These projects can then become the basis for the development of certain products since the specifications given are in line with our values (naturalness, products dedicated to sensitive skin, blacklisting of certain controversial ingredients, etc.).


Support for the sick and disadvantaged :

Cytolnat Laboratories are committed to health professionals by supporting them in different causes :

  • – Within the framework of the month of pink October, the Cytolnat team offers roses to all the women of some hospitals in Lyon (Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant and Hôpital Edouard Herriot) within the framework of the awareness days for breast cancer screening.
  • – Also in the context of breast cancer, the Cytolnat team supports the Europa Donna association (association fighting against breast cancer) by donating profits collected over a period of time during the year.
  • – In the same way, the Cytolnat team supports the Calancondo association which provides support care (sophrologist, socio-aesthetician and adapted physical activities) for patients undergoing chemotherapy in a Polyclinic in the outskirts of Lyon.
  • – The Cytolnat team supports the association Le Prado (specialized in the protection of children, children with disabilities, judicial protection of youth and integration through economic activity ….) by proposing the use of our products for care workshops.
  • – The Cytolnat team also supports the association Au Tambour (non-mixed place dedicated to the well-being of women victims of precariousness, isolation & violence) by giving them a part of its profits during a period of the year.