Our values

Naturality :

Cytolnat Laboratories have at heart to design their products by choosing the best active ingredients available on the market. We therefore carefully select all the ingredients present in the formulas of our products. It is in this sense that we have established a formulation charter presenting the ingredients that we do not want to use in compliance with the European cosmetic regulation, the environment and sensitive skin.

All our products are composed of a majority of ingredients of natural origin. The objective of 95% naturalness according to the ISO 16128 standard is set for the entire range by 2025.


Transparency :

On our website, we provide consumers with information on the ingredients used :

  • – The Raw materials glossary which lists in alphabetical order all the ingredients present on the “INCI list” at the back of the products, as well as their role in the cosmetics
  • – The Focus Ingredient articles that allow you to learn more about an active ingredient featured on our products, and to understand its interest in cosmetics

We have also set up Scientific Journal that allow us to address the causes of certain cellular phenomena such as skin aging or cellulite in the simplest way possible, as our cosmetics allow us to accompany them. This is why our products are frequently recommended by certain experts in the medical community, such as oncologists, radiotherapists or nurses, to accompany certain therapeutic treatments.

All our products are tested in laboratories in order to provide the proof of safety that cosmetics require. For example, you can find the words “tested under dermatological and/or ophthalmological control” on our labels.

On the other hand, numerous scientific studies are available and prove the effectiveness of our products on specific skin problems. This is the very definition of dermo-cosmetics, which falls between cosmetics and dermatology, thus between beauty and health.

Thanks to attractive prices, Cytolnat gives everyone the chance to take care of their skin with quality products.


Eco-design :

Each of our products is designed to limit its environmental impact.

The French location of the manufacturing allows, in addition to promoting employment in the country, to limit the impact of CO2 emissions generated by transport.

Our production plants are all ISO 22716 certified (respect for good manufacturing practices) and are committed to limiting their environmental impact.

Then, in compliance with the new laws aiming at reducing the use of plastic in the cosmetic industry, we make constant improvements on our packaging :

  • – In addition to having recyclable packaging, we encourage the use of recycled materials (such as milk bottles) for the manufacture of the tubes and bottles of our various products,
  • – Favoring the use of monomaterial bottles to facilitate recycling (no metal in our pumps),
  • – Use FSC paper for our packaging, and stop using varnish,
  • – To use second-hand cardboard boxes for the sending of orders placed via our website.