Melanin, a brown pigment produced by the cells of the epidermis (melanocytes), is at the origin of hyperpigmentation spots, which develop with age in particular, at the level of the face, neck, hands and décolleté.

While sun and skin ageing are intimately linked in the development process of skin hyperpigmentation spots, there is also individual photosensitivity, with other factors contributing to their development: taking medication, using perfumes, especially when exposed to the sun and for the woman, occasionally, the hormonal context (pregnancy mask or chloasma, oral contraceptives, etc.).

When the skin is exposed to solar radiation, a cascade of enzyme reactions will trigger the production of melanin and eventually lead to the production of these disgraceful spots.

La tyrosinase,  constitue le facteur limitant de la biosynthèse de la mélanine. L’inhibition de cet enzyme permet de limiter la production de mélanine, notamment en cas d’hypersensibilisation de la peau au soleil.

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