The Centella

Where does Centella Asiatica come from ?

Centella Asiatica is a medicinal plant native to Asia, Australia and the South Pacific. It is used by Ayurvedic medicine in India and by traditional Chinese medicine. In Asia, Centella Asiatica would be the secret of longevity of the Chinese Li Chinf-Yun. He would have lived more than 200 years by consuming every day the plant in infusion and in salad.
Nicknamed “tiger grass”, because of the habit taken by the wild beasts to roll in its leaves to heal their wounds.

What are its properties ?

Centella is traditionally used for its rejuvenating and healing properties.
First of all, it acts as a venous tonic. That is, it activates circulation in general, thus alleviating heavy legs or edema.
Globally, the plant relieves the wounds, alleviates itchings, softens the burns, and allows a faster cicatrization.
Indeed, thanks to its power of synthesis of collagen, the plant helps to protect, to repair the skin. It is thus a very effective remedy to fight against cellulite, as well as other dermatological problems like wrinkles, buttons and even eczema.

How to use it ?

The Centella Asiatica is an essential plant for a daily use. Advised for all the types of skins, it makes it possible to visibly improve its aspect. It is recommended to treat scars, irritations, rednesses and skins with acneic tendency.

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