The Centella

Centella asiatica is a medicinal plant native to Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, used both by Ayurvedic medicine in India and by traditional Chinese medicine. It is dubbed “tiger grass” because of the habit taken by the fawns to roll in its leaves in order to heal their wounds. It is traditionally used for its rejuvenating, spiritual and healing properties.

These benefits are many. First of all, it acts like a venous tonic, that is, it activates circulation in general, thus alleviating heavy legs, edema and hemorrhoids.
Overall, the plant relieves wounds, soothes itching, softens burns, helps heal faster. It is an excellent skin renovator. Indeed, thanks to its ability to synthesize collagen, the Centella asiatica helps to protect and repair the skin, which is therefore a very effective remedy to fight against cellulite, as well as other dermatological problems such as wrinkles, pimples, streaks or eczema.
Next, the plant is ideal to relieve all the ailments of everyday life: fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia. It has an overall effect on the nervous system by preventing premature aging and improving brain function. For example, it relieves a lack of concentration and improves memory.

The Centella asiatica is therefore an indispensable plant for everyday use.

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