What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common facial dermatitis that affects women in the majority. Rosacea is easily recognized by the redness that appears on face skin. There are 3 sub-types of Rosacea: Type 1 is defined by enduring erythema and visible blood vessels. The type 2 symptoms are erythema followed by pimples, and type 3 is characterized by redness, with enlarged pore and Rhinophima, that is a nose hyperplasia.

What are the causes?

The Rosacea causes are unknowns, but some researches involve some origins. The rosacea is an abnormal reaction of the blood vessels, as an answer to environmental or food stimuli. The rosacea can have a genetic or hormonal origin. The mite that live on the face, named Demodex, can cause rosacea if there are a large number of them. Using cosmetics that are not suitable with sensitive skins will increase the case of rosacea.

What to do?

Despite the lack of knowledge about the causes of rosacea, but several factors enhance the case. Try to reduce your sun exposition by using sunscreen ans physical protection. Try to avoid too hot or too cold temperature, like in the shower, because it may change the dermal blood flow. Be aware with alcohol and spicy foods consumption, which are known to be factors that enhance the rosacea. Wash you face with a gentle cleaning product that fit with sensitive skins and apply daily your skincare but avoid those which contain alcohol.

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