The arnica

Arnica is a species formerly used for its “vulne” properties in external use (vulnus, eris, wound -> vulnerarius: which is suitable for the healing of wounds). It is a rare and currently protected species. Arnica is a perennial herb that grows especially in mountainous regions.

Arnica is one of the oldest medicinal plants, traces of its use and its therapeutic virtues are found in the Treaty of Medicine dating back to Ancient Greece. Some scientists even presumed that it was used since prehistoric times. So, we find this plant throughout the history of medicine, it is also the most used plant especially for the treatment of rheumatism.

Properties :

Arnica is used and known mainly for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties but it has many other properties : circulatory improving venous tone, healing or immunostimulatory properties.

With the growing desire of the consumer to return to traditional medicine and the development of products based on natural ingredients, Cytolnat laboratories are very attentive to the raw materials that are used in medicine and particularly to those with interesting properties for a cosmetic application

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