Castor Oil

Where does Castor oil come from ?

Castor oil is obtained by pressing the seeds of Ricinus Communis

Of the Euphorbiaceae family, the castor should be from India or Africa. It was cultivated very early in the Near East and especially in Egypt and in Palestine.

Simple ornamental plant in our regions, the castor, in hot countries reaches a height of more than 10 meters and has a trunk of 50 cm in diameter. Its seeds give a slightly greenish yellow oil that rancit easily.

Astonishing cosmetic properties !

Known since Antiquity (Cleopatra already used it as a make-up remover), this oil with amazing virtues in terms of beauty and therapy, contains 90% ricinoleic acid. In your beauty treatments, its quality will satisfy you, here are some of them:

∘ It strengthens and hardens the nails

∘ It accelerates the growth of eyelashes and hair

∘ It regenerates and rehydrates dried hair, damaged by perms and discolorations

∘ Finally, it has softening and healing properties.

Castor oil is one of those essential natural treasures to always keep at your fingertips.

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