Castor Oil


Where does castor oil come from ?

First, the castor oil comes from the seeds of a Euphorbiaceae called Ricinus communis, the castor oil is believed to originate in India or Africa.

It was cultivated very early in the Middle East and especially in Egypt and Palestine. Simple ornamental plant in our regions, the castor, in warm countries reaches a height of more than 10 meters and has a trunk of 50 cm in diameter. Actually, this oil is obtained by pressing the seeds of Ricinus Communis. It is characterized by a very high viscosity, it is one of the most dense vegetable oils.


What are its properties ?

Known since antiquity by Cleopatra who already used it as makeup remover, this oil with amazing virtues both in terms of beauty and therapy, contains 90% ricinoleic acid (omega 9). The latter has strong hydrating capabilities and helps restore the skin’s natural barrier, called the hydrolipidic film. Castor oil is therefore one of those essential nature treasures to always keep at hand.

How to use this ?

This oil will allow the growth and fortification of nails, eyelashes but especially hair by providing them all the essential nutrients. It will also regenerate and rehydrate dry hair, damaged by perms and discolorations.
Finally, it has softening and healing properties. It will therefore soothe injured skin, nourish dry skin but also fight skin aging.

It is also an excellent ingredient for veterinary care to grow and thicken the mane of horses.

Test all the goods made of castor oil with the Cytolcap revitalizing oil. This oil is a hair care to apply in mask before shampooing. It is recommended to treat problems of hair dryness, hair loss and to repair damaged hair.

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