Cytolnat, "natural cytology"


Cytology (from the Greek kutos, meaning cell, and logos, meaning speech) is the study of all aspects of living cells.


Cytolnat Laboratories has developed and formulated a range with the desire and philosophy to meet the following three requirements:

1. Respect the balance of cellular biology.
2. Repair damaged skin tissue without having a toxic effect on the cell environment.
3. Nourish the affected skin cells, while helping to boost the skin’s immune defences.


Cytolnat Products

Cytolnat Laboratories’ dermatological products are natural products that act on the body’s cells and are widely prescribed and recommended by the medical community because of their effectiveness and the quality ingredients they contain.


Cytolnat Laboratories’ products offer effective solutions to everyday problems and visibly help to improve the health of the skin and hair.


Cytolnat Made in France

The Cytolnat range of products is used for :
Treating irritated, damaged and hurt skins (Cytolnat Centella®).
- Treating blemished skins (Cytolac® Skincare cream & Cytolac® Cleansing Gel)
- Treating hyperpigmentation (Cytolnat Kojic®)
- Anti-cellulite and firming bodycare cream (Cytolslim®)
- Anti-aging day cream (Cytolnat Selenium®) 
- Treating sensitive skins prone to redness (Cytolrose® AR & Cytolrose® CC cream)
- Cleansing and facial make-up remover for sensitive and fragile skin (Cytolnat micellar lotion)
- Cleansing body, face, hair for the whole family (Cytolnat® ultra gentle shower gel)
- Haircare treatments for dry, damaged and lacklustre hair (Cytolcap® Revitalising oil and Cytolcap® Gentle shampoo)



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